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My Green Miner

Presents the AtomMiner AM01
The Game Changing
FPGA Cryptocurrency Miner
Eco Friendly - Low Power - Energy Efficient
Virtually Silent - Low Heat - Plug & Play
Auto Reconfigure - No Dev Fees

AtomMiner AM01

Prepare to be Amazed!

Why all the Hype about the AtomMiner?


The AtomMiner AM01 is a totally revolutionary and efficient FPGA Cryptocurrency Miner. This ground-breaking design has been meticulously forged and perfected over the last few years by the Highly Talented Team at AtomMiner, to ensure that cryptocurrency mining is still possible, even when other devices such as Graphics Processing Units (GPU’s) may struggle to make a profit. By all appearances, this could get worse!

As you should already be aware, the price of energy like Electricity and Gas has rocketed in the UK and other regions around the world recently, making it a tight situation to ensure profit whilst mining cryptocurrency. The general consensus is that Energy prices will keep
going up! 

The AtomMiner AM01 is an FPGA hardware miner designed to work 24/7 in fully automatic mode and run in continuous operation. For everyone interested in cryptocurrency, from Beginners to Experts, this is a simple setup, one-click and easy way to start mining cryptocurrencies. The AtomMiner AM01 comes with the lowest possible power consumption and one of the best Hash-to-Watt Ratios on the market.

In addition, AtomMiner has decided to go one step further and provide an entire infrastructure for the miners to make things even easier! The complete plug and play setup can be installed without any additional software, third party tools or programming knowledge making this Number One choice for new and seasoned miners alike!

In our minds this is a ‘no brainer’ and the Future of Cryptocurrency Mining!

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Our team at My Green Miner have a passion to be always on the lookout for eco-friendly, inventive, state-of-the-art and game-changing products.


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The Word from our Clients

The team at My Green Miner have in-built passion for what we do, which makes getting it right for our clients feel natural. Let’s see what some of our valued customers say below:

“I have been running my AtomMiners now for almost a year and I’m amazed! Everything has ‘done what it says on the tin’. I fully recommend this product to anyone who wants to start mining cryptocurrency.”

Damien H - London - United Kingdom

“With all the changes coming up with mining crypto, I decided to invest in a number of AtomMiners. This was an addition to my current setup of GPU miners. With such an efficient hash-to-watt ratio, now I have a way to continue mining, even with the recent 50% rise in energy prices.”

Anonymous User - Galway - Ireland

"Mining from home is Liberating and helps the Organic Growth & Security of the Decentralised Blockchain Ecosystems..."

Mark G – My Green Miner – Founder & COO

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