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My Green Miner Goes Live

22/2/22 @ 22:22:22 – Ultimate Palindrome


Hi all, we managed to make it! On ‘Twosday‘ – 22/2/22 @ 22:22:22 some of our Products went live on our Brand New Website. This date and time combined are classified as a Palindrome and is seen to be a Lucky Date in some cultures around the World. This was a great challenge as we hadn’t made the decision for this Date and Time officially until the 20th of Feb! At this point we were no where near ready for anything launching but we forged ahead and succeeded.

There were many obstacles put in our way to aim towards this not been possible but as our Owner says ‘I am extremely happy we managed to get our Website live for our brought-forward-date! Working together using our hidden talents and strengths we managed to show that we can overcome obstacles for Breakfast!’

Some examples below:

  • One of our staff had a suspected iPhone Hijack. Our staff member remembers simply clicking a Royal Mail reminder text message around Oct ’21 – ‘All I did was click the link as I was busy and expecting Deliveries – The screen flashed on my iPhone and then went back to the original Text’. This is becoming a lot easier now-a-days and we will go into this in greater depth in a later blog on how to look for signs and remove.

  • Our New ‘hidden talents’ Web Designer used to work on Websites back-in-the-day! Their last Site was around 1999! ‘Things have changed so much in that time both online and with the Design Applications. I had a very short amount of time to learn – 4 days to be exact and 1 Month from idea to live!’ We think that the job they have done in this time is amazing with a full e-commerce Website. Well done!

  • Internal System Hacks – Blog to follow… Friendship wins over. Lots of money spent. Lots of lie’s. Story released soon…:)

  • Suspected attempted Hijack of staffs Children’s Phones. Below the belt if right! This is difficult to prove but the evidence in compelling. She is a 16 Year old Girl! – What would the plan have been if correct and where does this stop? Luckily she had training from her Tech-savvy parents on Safety Online and Phone usage.

In the end we made it! Well done all and happy Twosday

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