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Biden with Obama Checking something on their Mobile!

The White House – Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets. Looks like they are checking their ‘Bags’ already!



Our Team at My Green Miner are extremely happy to announce that President Biden has released through the Presidential Actions section of The White House Website, a direction forwards for Cryptocurrency as an Executive Order.

We have taken an excerpt from the Order below which has reference to Cryptocurrency Mining and how we need to consider reducing negative climate impacts and environmental pollution!

We have just the product on our Range which does just that — The AtomMiner AM01

Sec. 2. Objectives. The principle policy objectives of the United States with respect to digital assets are as follows:

           (f)  We must support technological advances that promote responsible development and use of digital assets.  The technological architecture of different digital assets has substantial implications for privacy, national security, the operational security and resilience of financial systems, climate change, the ability to exercise human rights, and other national goals.  The United States has an interest in ensuring that digital asset technologies and the digital payments ecosystem are developed, designed, and implemented in a responsible manner that includes privacy and security in their architecture, integrates features and controls that defend against illicit exploitation, and reduces negative climate impacts and environmental pollution, as may result from some cryptocurrency mining.

The AtomMiner AM01

‘nuf said…

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