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UK Energy Price Uplift on the 1st of April (No Joke!) – 24 Hour Countdown Progressing!

Graphics Card ETH Miners – ‘Let’s do the Math’

Here we are, one day away from the UK Big 6 Energy Companies uplifting their costs by over 50% which the Team at My Green Miner can’t remember such a ‘Price Hike’ in our lifetimes!

To help you think about starting mining with GPU’s in the UK now, we have managed to use the following guidelines as an approximate example to help you think about your Investment.

We used a site called Crypto Compare and used the following to aid the approximate formula:

6 x Nvidia 3070 (Non-Low Hash Rate – LHR) Graphic Cards running at around 60 MH/s @ 120 Watts each
1 x Base Rig

Hashing Power is just over 360 MH/s with 6 x 3070 non LHR

Power consumption of the whole Rig is approx. 1000 Watts

Cost per KW/h in US Dollars is $0.37 (£0.28 UK as per British Gas Website)

We added a Pool Fee of the average 1%

Approximate outcome below showing the cost of Electricity used is MORE than the Profit per Day at $8.88 for the Electricity and $6.62 after removing the Energy and Fee costs!!!

Time to think GPU ETH Miners? The Merge ETH 2.0 on the Horizon just to add to the problem!

Return On Investment (ROI) on the above example: We have shopped around and IF you can get 6 x non-Low Hash rate Nvidia 3070’s we have worked on around £4000 for your setup approximately. This would give an approximation of 800 Days Return On Investment. We remember miners moaning about 365 days ROI last Year! Time for Change!

Do you want a Lower ROI?

Do you want to use less Electricity?

The FPGA AtomMiner AM01 uses much less Power making it an Eco Friendly option.

Please click HERE to take a look at this amazing Device.

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