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Traffic Light System GPU mining not profitable anymore

My Green Miner – THE END of Crypto Mining as we know it!

We at My Green Miner have ‘Hedged a Bet‘ that there will be 5 Phase change to the way Mining Cryptocurrencies is even possible in 2022 onwards.

What we have done is created a 5 PhaseTraffic Light System‘ to help you understand how close you are to things more than likely been a problem. After Amber (Phase 3) and Dark Red (Phase 2) you only have Light Red (PHASE 1) to go and that we feel will be too late!

Please see our Later Blogs and keep track of the Traffic Light Colours:

Phase 5: Light Green and only the beginning!!!
Phase 4: Dark Green and starting to show changes!
Phase 3: Amber and you really need to start thinking ‘Outside-the-BoxNOW!
Phase 2: Dark Red and the time is RIGHT NOW to make that Mining decision as we feel this is too late!
Phase 1: Light Red and this is Like DEFCON 1 at United States Armed Forces and we feel you are either too late and stuck with Equipment or have to Purchase all New!

Don’t leave it too late. Buy your AtomMiners NOW!

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