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Phase 3: UK & Potentially Worldwide Energy Prices Hit an ALL TIME HIGH! – HAPPENING NOW!

Do you ever get that feeling you should own a Crystal Ball? Well we do at My Green Miner and its working very well…😁. We hate to say it but ‘We are always bleedin’ Right!’

One of our staff received an email from their Energy ProviderBritish GasWhich was indicative that we will be looking at a MASSIVE PRICE UPLIFT potentially from as soon as April 2022 for Energy Prices!

Based on this we did a tad of Research and we have rounded up a load of links below so you can see why we have moved up to PHASE 3! Only 2 Phases to go and as far as we can see these are booked in!

The Guardian – British households face record 54% energy bill rise as price cap is raised

British Gas – Wholesale energy prices have risen sharply in recent months

E.on – ‘Massive upheaval in the energy market’

EDF –  ‘Rise in energy bills caused by soaring global gas prices’

SSE – ‘Wholesale prices have risen significantly – high above the price cap’

ofgem – Price cap to increase by £693 from April

BBC News – Energy prices: Significant rises to come, says regulator Ofgem

The list goes on!

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