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phase 3 UK energy prices rise gpu mining dead fpga mining

Phase 3: UK & Potentially Worldwide Energy Prices Hit an ALL TIME HIGH! – HAPPENING NOW!

Do you ever get that feeling you should own a Crystal Ball? Well we do at My Green Miner and its working very well…😁. We hate to say it but ‘We are always bleedin’ Right!’ One of our staff received an email from their Energy Provider – British Gas – Which was indicative that we […]

phase 4 GPU prices off cliff

Phase 4: GPU Prices ‘Drop Off the End of a Cliff!’ – HAPPENING NOW!

Well, we have a few previous Blogs to look at here which may tell you this is ‘on-the-way’ and may make you consider CHANGE! GPU prices drop off the end of a Cliff! Please see our Previous Blogs below: 23/02/22 – tom’s HARDWARE reports Plummeting Prices of GPU’s! 01/02/22 – Radeon RX 6500 XT GPU’s […]

phase 5 bitcoin mining difficulty impossible for home user

Phase 5: Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Becomes Impossible for the Decentralised Home User to Mine! – HAPPENING NOW!

This is already happening and we feel it makes sense that we will only have Downhill from Here! Bitcoin mining difficulty becomes impossible for the Decentralised Home User! Check our Previous Blog on this back in February: Bitcoin Mining Difficulty: 3rd All Time High and only One-Way-To-Go!

Traffic Light System GPU mining not profitable anymore

My Green Miner – THE END of Crypto Mining as we know it!

We at My Green Miner have ‘Hedged a Bet‘ that there will be 5 Phase change to the way Mining Cryptocurrencies is even possible in 2022 onwards. What we have done is created a 5 Phase ‘Traffic Light System‘ to help you understand how close you are to things more than likely been a problem. […]

crypto winter fallout or bear market

GPU Prices DROP another 12% over the last Month!

Crypto Winter, Crypto Fallout or just a simple Bear Market? Our friends over at tom’s HARDWARE have compounded recent story’s of Price drops on GPU Cards. Over the last Month all Cards checked had a Percentage of reduction in cost with an overall average of 12%! Throughout February there has been a downward plunge in the Price of GPU’s which can be seen […]

AtomMiner AM01

Gamers Rejoice! The Merge is Coming!!!

Our friends over at tom’s HARDWARE posted a reminder back in December that ALL MINERS need to start thinking about NOW! — Future Proof — is one of our favourite terms here at My Green Miner!!! Check out their full story below: tom’s HARDWARE – Gamers Rejoice! Ethereum Reminds GPU Miners the End Is Near […]

Radeon RX 6500 XT

Radeon RX 6500 XT GPU’s are Selling below the Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price

Our Friends over at tom’s HARDWARE have posted a crucial update to the Trend of the GPU Market! The recently released Radeon RX 6500 XT GPU is now selling in Europe for less than the Manufacturers Recommended Retail Price! We never though we would see this day! Check out the original Feed below: tom’s HARDWARE […]

Proof of Work carbon footprint

Crypto Carbon Footprint List

We thought it maybe good for you to look at the Crypto Carbon Footprint List to help you consider the best way we can all keep a Decentralised Network using Proof of Work (PoW) yet still allow us to aim towards a more efficient way to Mine Cryptocurrency. The list is hosted with our friends […]

Crypto Rugpull

Lana Rhoades is allegedly Being Accused of Rug Pulling Her NFT Project

Rhoades is apparently upset about the accusations, and she published a few tweets about the Youtuber after the video had been published. “Youtubers are f***ing sickos, diseases of the internet who will do anything and say anything for views,” the adult film star apparently said. Please see the full story over at our friends at […]

7-day simple moving average. Source:

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty: 3rd All Time High and only One-Way-To-Go!

Over at our friends at they have recently posted that Bitcoin (BTC) difficulty has made another jump hitting another All Time High! Please take a look at their Blog for more info: We need to ask the Question: Is it time for Change? Click here to see how you can make a difference.

My Green Miner Goes Live

22/2/22 @ 22:22:22 – Ultimate Palindrome

***** MY GREEN MINER WEBSITE LIVE ***** Hi all, we managed to make it! On ‘Twosday‘ – 22/2/22 @ 22:22:22 some of our Products went live on our Brand New Website. This date and time combined are classified as a Palindrome and is seen to be a Lucky Date in some cultures around the World. […]

crypto winter fallout or bear market

tom’s HARDWARE reports Plummeting Prices of GPU’s!

tom’s HARDWARE has reported a severe drop in GPU recently in the News. Prices have been on a downward decline since mid-December 2021. The Crypto Miners are looking for the potential for more profitable options and the Gamers are picking up the deals… Find the full story here.

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