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phase 3 UK energy prices rise gpu mining dead fpga mining

Phase 3: UK & Potentially Worldwide Energy Prices Hit an ALL TIME HIGH! – HAPPENING NOW!

Do you ever get that feeling you should own a Crystal Ball? Well we do at My Green Miner and its working very well…😁. We hate to say it but ‘We are always bleedin’ Right!’ One of our staff received an email from their Energy Provider – British Gas – Which was indicative that we […]

all stock and crypto markets crash

UK Energy Price Uplift on the 1st of April (No Joke!) – 24 Hour Countdown Progressing!

Graphics Card ETH Miners – ‘Let’s do the Math’ Here we are, one day away from the UK Big 6 Energy Companies uplifting their costs by over 50% which the Team at My Green Miner can’t remember such a ‘Price Hike’ in our lifetimes! To help you think about starting mining with GPU’s in the […]

Time to Sell your Graphics Card

European Graphics Cards Cost drop by another 25% in March

Here we are again Guys and Girls! Over at our good friends at tom’s HARDWARE they have reported Graphics Card prices have dropped a further 25% in the Month of March. This puts their average price at around 25% above Recommended Retail Price (RRP) which we haven’t seen for over a Year! Sign of Times […]

Biden with Obama Checking something on their Mobile!
President Biden - Backs Cryptocurrency
Crypto Rugpull

Lana Rhoades is allegedly Being Accused of Rug Pulling Her NFT Project

Rhoades is apparently upset about the accusations, and she published a few tweets about the Youtuber after the video had been published. “Youtubers are f***ing sickos, diseases of the internet who will do anything and say anything for views,” the adult film star apparently said. Please see the full story over at our friends at […]

Commerce Implements Sweeping Restrictions on Exports to Russia in Response to Further Invasion of Ukraine

On Thursday the United States, United Kingdom, and European Union imposed multiple new restrictions on exports to Russia in response to its war against Ukraine. When it comes to high-tech items, the restrictions are quite sweeping and are designed to curtail development of Russia’s defence industrial base, military, and intelligence sectors. In addition to military […]

My Green Miner Goes Live

22/2/22 @ 22:22:22 – Ultimate Palindrome

***** MY GREEN MINER WEBSITE LIVE ***** Hi all, we managed to make it! On ‘Twosday‘ – 22/2/22 @ 22:22:22 some of our Products went live on our Brand New Website. This date and time combined are classified as a Palindrome and is seen to be a Lucky Date in some cultures around the World. […]

hydrogen energy explosively closer

Influx of money moves Hydrogen energy ‘explosivley’ closer!

We have noticed various funding circles offering Series B funding options of Capital to Companies within the Hydrogen Energy & Power Sector. Does this mean a step forward for the ‘dream’ energy solution or do we need more research prior to Public release. Hydrogen energy is moving explosively closer so let’s keep track of this […]

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