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phase 3 UK energy prices rise gpu mining dead fpga mining

Phase 3: UK & Potentially Worldwide Energy Prices Hit an ALL TIME HIGH! – HAPPENING NOW!

Do you ever get that feeling you should own a Crystal Ball? Well we do at My Green Miner and its working very well…😁. We hate to say it but ‘We are always bleedin’ Right!’ One of our staff received an email from their Energy Provider – British Gas – Which was indicative that we […]

all stock and crypto markets crash

UK Energy Price Uplift on the 1st of April (No Joke!) – 24 Hour Countdown Progressing!

Graphics Card ETH Miners – ‘Let’s do the Math’ Here we are, one day away from the UK Big 6 Energy Companies uplifting their costs by over 50% which the Team at My Green Miner can’t remember such a ‘Price Hike’ in our lifetimes! To help you think about starting mining with GPU’s in the […]

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