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FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array and describes an integrated circuit that can be used for many functions. The circuit must be specially programmed for the respective application. The FPGAs have the great advantage in that they can perform certain calculations extremely quickly and at the same time save energy. This is partly used in industry or by the military. These properties are used for mining cryptocurrencies to achieve significant savings in electricity costs compared to e.g. GPUs (graphics cards). Since the computational tasks involved in mining are very complex and power-intensive, this technology offers a great advantages over conventional hardware. It combines the performance of the ASIC miners with the flexibility of GPUs and significantly lower power consumption. The AtomMiner AM01 makes this technology accessible to regular users, crypto enthusiasts or professional miners. Thanks to its plug & play installation the miner carries out the configurations automatically and can be conveniently controlled via browser or SSH. Settings can be changed and statistics can be viewed on the account dashboard. You can reprogram your FPGA miner to the desired algorithm in no time at all, or you can use automatic profit switching.

The AtomMiner AM01 is a FPGA crypto miner that is specially designed to generate crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Altcoins in a very energy-saving manner. For this purpose it uses special programmable electronic chips, so-called FPGA (field programable gate array) chips. they work much more energy-efficient than conventional graphics cards (GPU) or ASIC miners.

In addition AM01 AtomMiner aims to make FPGA mining as easy as possible. The software has a profit maximization, an algorithm that identifies the most profitable currency and mines it. All coins available to AM01 are permanently monitored and examined for their profitability. Variables ​​such as the hash rate, difficulty and price of currencies are constantly taken into account.

AtomMiner AM01 has automatic configuration, automatic updates and additional units can easily be added to a rig or a mining farm. It is not necessary to interrupt the mining process for extending your system. After the miner has been connected to the host computer (e.g. a Raspberry Pi), it configures itself and starts mining. Only very few requirements are needed for a host computer. A Raspberry Pi can control 64 miners without any problems.

The profit from mining depends on a few variables, some of which are subject to significant fluctuations. The decisive factors are e.g. the hashrate of the hardware, the power consumption, the power costs, the current global hashrate and difficulty of the respective algorithm and the price on the exchanges. To get an approximate idea of the costs and the profit, it is advisable to use one of the freely available calculators. is a site where you can check this for a number of coins.

For now please visit this pool website and use your connected email address to view your miner stats.

The web control panel is currently in closed beta and will replace that site in the future.

The number of algorithms and coins that can be mined with AtomMiner AM01 are continuously expanded and further developed. Existing algorithms are optimized in order to achieve the highest possible hash rate. Bitstreams for new algorithms will be announced on the website and in our newsletter updates.

At the moment, since the start of AtomMiner in February 2019, these algorithms have been implemented: Keccak, Keccakc, SHA256, SHA256t, SHA256q, Blakecoin, Gr0estl, Skein2, Myriad-Gr0estl, Odocrypt, Tribus, Blake2s, Blockstamp, blake2b (GLT), blake2b (TNET), K12.

Remember that it is always possible to mine those algorithms on 3rd party pools that offer multiple pay-out options. That way you can also indirectly mine coins like DOGE, LTC, or BTC etc. Please check pools for auto-conversion possibilities.

AlgoCoin(s)VersionHashratePowerRelease date
Keccak/ Keccak-CMAX, SLOTH, BCT, GLT1.4600 MH/s16.9WJanuary 2022
SHA-3Zen Protocol1.2500 MH/s17.5Wpostponed
SHA256BTC and many others1.1500 MH/s16WApr 2019
BlakecoinBLC, UMO, PHO, BBTC, ELT, LIT1.21200 MH/s13WFeb 2019
Gr0estlGRS1.132 MH/s10WJune 2019
Skein2LOG1.044 MH/s6.7WJune 2019
MyriadGLT, AUR, ARG, DGB, XMY, XSH, XVG and more1.032 MH/s9.8WJuly 2019
SHA-256tOCP1.0180 MH/s10WJuly 2019
SHA-256qPYE1.0150 MH/s11WJuly 2019
OdocryptDGB1.350 MH/s7.2WJuly 2019
TribusD, BZL, GLT, SCRIV1.025 MH/s9WDec 2019
BlockstampBST1.0300 MH/s15WDec 2019
Blake2sGLT1.01200 MH/s12WDec 2019
Blake2b (GLT)GLT1.0250 MH/s10WMay 2020
Blake2b (TNET)TNET1.0250 MH/s11WMay 2020
K12AEON1.0800 MH/s13WJuly 2021

If you are planning to use a 3rd party pool you need to edit the atomminer.conf file. You will find it in the /var/atomminer folder. In that file add the pool information and enable it: “alien_enable”: “true” (please also see the configuration tool for help).


    "alien_enable": true,
    "alien_algo": "Mining algo to be used with 3rd party pool",
    "alien_pool": "Stratum URL for pool",
    "alien_user": "username as required by the pool",
    "alien_pass": "Password as required by the 3rd party pool",

Yes, we are interested in the needs and preferences of our Miners. If you have an specific algorithm in mind please let us know about it. In order to judge if an algorithm is feasible on AM01 we would need to take a look at papers with exact algorithm specifications, test vectors, math model etc. Please send us as many detailed info about the algorithm as you can. Not all algorithms are suitable for AtomMiner AM01 though. Some heavy and memory intensive ones are only possible on future AtomMiner AM02 Miner.

Yes, please see for more information about AM01 hardware design. Please be aware you can damage the AtomMiner AM01 if you do not know what you are doing. Your Warranty is Void if you upload a new Bitstream to it.

The AtomMiner was developed to enable the simplest, permanent and stable operation possible. It is made to work 24/7. It has properties such as:

  • Automatic configuration
  • Automatic profit switching
  • Plug & Play solution (connect USB and power and get started)
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • Low power consumption, suitable for alternative energy sources (solar, wind etc.)

The AtomMiner hardly has any demands for the host computer and has one of the best hash-to-watt ratios on the market. Every host computer (including Raspberry Pi) can control 64 miners.

The Miner setup is easiest with Linux. Ubuntu or Debian 9 (Stretch) or any other modern Linux distro is suitable. It is planned to become compatible with Windows natively in the future. Currently Mining works with Microsoft Windows via VirtualBox. After it has been installed and started, the virtual machine for the AtomMiner must be loaded. You can find the image in the downloads section and then follow the instructions. The miner can then be operated permanently.

Many miners choose to use a Raspberry Pi (zero w, 2, 3 or 4) to run the miners 24/7. They are a good choice because they can easily operate permanently with low energy consumption. One host computer can control 64 miners and more.

The web control panel will be activated with one of the next updates. There you can change all the settings for your miners and view detailed statistics.

Until then, the Miners have to be configured manually using the “atomminer.conf” file. You can find it in directory “/var/atomminer”.

The online tool can be used to validate or create new atomminer.conf files.

Further information can be found under the Documentation section.

The Miners will be shipped as soon as we have them in stock. Our aim at My Green Miner is to get them to you within 14 Days from Order. Sometimes it can take one week before shipment. If this is not the case, miner will be sent with the next batch. This will be announced and should typically take 4-8 weeks. We will inform you about the respective delivery times. Miners will be shipped in the order in which we received orders. First come, first served.

After shipment, an email will be sent to you with tracking information.

There is a 14-day right to return unused miners.

An order can be cancelled at any time before shipping. The miners are dispatched in the order they are received. If there is a waiting list, you will lose your place when you cancel the order. After you have received the miner, it can be returned unused and in its original packaging within 14 days. Customers need to pay shipment. Please inform us if you intend to do so.

We offer Shipping to most Countries. Please note that you may need a power adapter. The miners are shipped with UK Plugs. 12V 3A DC adapters (DC 5.5 / 2.1 mm) are common and can be purchased separately if necessary.

Please note that additional fees and duties may arise when importing goods.

In the case of warranty, customers have to pay for the shipping costs.

Passive Income…

By Mining Cryptocurrencies you enable the network to process transactions.

The miners ensure that the networks of currencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin etc. are secure and that transactions can be carried out.

In return the miners receive the corresponding cryptocurrency as a kind of compensation or reward.

AtomMiner AM01 is relatively quiet and cool. Due to the low power consumption of the FPGA chips, the miner remains very quiet. The small fan is the only part that makes a humming sound.

The great advantage of an AtomMiner is its low power consumption. Depending on the algorithm, between 7-18 watts of electricity are consumed. That’s about as much as a lightbulb. This results in an excellent hash-to-watt ratio for the AtomMiner. And that’s what ultimately matters!

We have extended the warranty on the AtomMiner AM01 to 36 months!

We are convinced that with the AtomMiner we are offering a high-quality product that will function without problems over a long period of time, even in continuous use. Only original parts and FPGA chips from official Xilinx distributors are used for the AtomMiners.

The warranty applies to all parts of the miner with the exception of the fan, the power supply unit or other additional parts.

Yes, you can.

Please use the Verify Tool to confirm your device is a genuine AtomMiner.

We have come across many ‘copies’ out there so please do be careful when purchasing.

Here at My Green Miner we are constantly working on reducing lead times for our Products as to ensure the best Service to our Clients. Each product has an estimated lead time attached to it in our Shop so please take note when you are making your Order.

If you find you haven’t received your Order within the approximated timeframe, just Contact us and one of our Team will help you.

There is a 14-day right to return unused Miners and Products.

An order can be cancelled at any time before shipping. Our Products are
dispatched in the order they are received from our Clients. If you cancel your Order and there is a waiting list, you will lose your place in our Queue!

After you have received the Product, it can be returned unused and in its original packaging within 14 days. Customers need to pay the return shipment fee and we can only advise you to consider using Insured Delivery Options to cover the amount of your Order with Signature required upon receipt at our end.

MinerVerse Ltd. t/a My Green Miner cannot be held responsible for any mishaps with your return process and cannot be held accountable.

Please inform us if you intend to return your Product prior to shipping.

Please see our Returns Policy.

As part of our ongoing beliefs in a ‘Greener Earth’ we try our upmost to Deliver in one package but we cannot Guarantee this every time.

30 Day Return Guarantee
International Worldwide Warranty
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